Welcome to the writing portion of the site. Here you can find everything that i'm working on right now, particularly my novel:

Grey Areas

This novel, in four parts, spans twenty-four years and follows the lives of a group of turn-of-the-century vampires. Beginning in the year 1885, the story is narrated by Grey Flemming as she enters the world of vampires. She meets Severin Black, another young vampire, and they embark upon an improper friendship complete with nightly meetings. But during this time, Grey is also being courted by a young human named Asher Lefroy, who isn't quite what he seems. He is actually the son of the leader of a local group of vampire hunters, the Hunters' Guild, and the only reason he is interested in Grey is because of her membership in the London coven of vampires. The Hunters' Guild is out to expose the London coven and will stop at nothing to wipe them out. With the help of Severin, her twin brother Ron, a solitary vampire named Jean, and even a traitorous Hunters' Guild member, Grey must stop Asher and the rest of the Hunters' Guild before they destroy the vampire population as a whole. But Asher's rare ability may make things difficult to finish. After years of peace they thought they'd won the battle for good, but some wounds never really stay closed....

© Alyss Culver Nespolo 2008

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